Kapousta accompanies you in Eurasia



Kapousta 8, Avenue de
Salonique, Paris,
75017, FRANCE

Did you know ?

Kapousta means «cabbage» in most Slavic

In China, the cabbage (cai 菜) symbolizes wealth!
Its Chinese pronunciation is identical
to the Chinese word for «
wealth » (cai 财).

In Ancient Rome, farming cabbages
brought large profits.
To this day,
in French, “making greasy cabbages out of it”
means making good profit from a deal.

Kapousta’s ambition: diversifying your sources of
revenue and increase your profits!

Who are we?

Founded in 2020 by Christophe Richard, Kapousta is
a management
consulting firm,
which developed itself helping
major players
in commercial banking in Europe in their
development and transformation projects.

In 2021, Denis Richard joins the structure to
offer business support
in Eurasian markets, sharing with our clients
his deep
deep knowledge of the area.
Russian-speaking, he is able to carry out any

any international development mission in these

Our work

Our work in the field of international business
development support:

- dentification of industrial assets to be acquired in Russia
and Central Asia;

- Study of the fish farming market in
Krasnodar Krai (Russia);

- Study of the ice cream market in French-speaking Africa;

- Prospecting in Central Asia in the logistics sector;